SkryBot.TV speech recognition online.

How does Skrybot.TV work?
  1. Send audio files (accepted audio file format: wav)
  2. Speech will be automatically recognised and decoded to text and subtitles.
  3. Videos and recordings sent to SkryBot.TV can be played with subtitle display and searched through with the use of text in order to find where given words appear in the recordings.
  4. Fully recognised texts and texts with time code needed to synchronise subtitles with video can be downloaded.
Have a look at PLANS tab to find out about the planned SkryBot.TV functions. Quality and format of files accepted for speech recognition: PCM wav original minimum resolution: 16 Khz/ 16bit mono, noise content lower than -40dB. SkryBot.TV is dedicated to recognise radio and TV files independently of the speaker. If you want to launch speech recognition on your websites, contact us: We install speech recognition on clients’ servers or we make our servers with speech recognition available online.

Specify your needs in the scope of speech recognition and ask for a detailed offer for individuals or businesses.

Contact info:
mobile number 48 790 013 206