New functions on SkryBot TV speech recognition online

  • After speech recognition – possibility to edit film subtitles and soundtracks online.
  • Registration of paid private and business accounts.
  • Personalisation / enhancing of the recognition accuracy by the user (in personal user accounts). The cost od preparation of text and accoustic models of the speaker us 1000 PLN net.
  • Speech recognition users’ forum:
  • Launch of individual modules for public figures, the president, the prime minister, etc. The users can decode speech to text better with a module dedicated to a public figure.
  • Character count in audio recordings.
  • The up-to-date speech recognition software version: SkryBot S2T 2.2 PL

Planned development of speech recognition SkryBot TV coming soon:

  • Automatic synchronising of manually transcribed text files with the rime code of the soundtrack.(currently the service is available only on individual order)
  • Faster speech recognition in premium accounts. (service available in client applications)
  • Accepting many formats of audio and video files for speech recognition.
  • Data streaming. Launch of video display with subtitles.
  • Integration of SkryBot Home speech recognition software with SkryBot.TV speech recognition online.
  • Editing of film subtitles and soundtracks on SkryBot.TV.
  • Further enhancing of speech recognition accuracy.
100% accurate transcription of recordings only on !
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The launch of SkryBot TV speech recognition online.

SkryBot.plpresents for the first time the prototypical platform for searching text information in audio and video files. It is a unique project on the global scale, having just one equivalent in the Gaudi project recently presented by Google. A polish company has shown it can produce solutions as good as those of the biggest IT tycoon in the field of information search. The project is only a seed of a much bigger undertaking, the goal of which will be not only authomatic creation of subtitles for video sequence rows available on networking websites and for radio and television news in cooperation with broadcasters. with more functionalities and new modules for most European languages will be available in the future. This project has been entirely financed by a Polish company, with no outside investment and it proves that modern technologies do not always require million dollar investments. They can be developed also by smaller teams of expersts and people passionate about the given field. is a solution which:
  1. Is unique (Google in YouTube has employed a similar solution in the English language version).
  2. Makes audio content accessible for hearing impaired persons in text form.
  3. Enables finding multimedia materials easily with the use of text.
  4. Is compatible with many formats of film subtitles: divx, srt, sub and those used on YouTube
For more information go to . The up-to-date speech recognition software version: SkryBot S2T 2.2 PL